Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Book that Can’t Be Bought -

Each year, just before Rosh Hashanah, the Mesorah Heritage Foundation publishes the Heritage Desk Diary, a popular volume which cannot be purchased in any bookstore. The Diary includes such useful and valued information as a sixteen-month weekly planner, a nine-year Jewish holiday schedule, sidebars highlighting special prayers for special occasions, candle lighting times for over 100 US and world cities, schedules for Daf HaYomi and Mishna Yomi schedule, weekly insights from classic and contemporary Torah Sages, and information about the festivals. There’s plenty of room, as well, for managing the personal or business details of one’s busy life.

The Heritage Desk Diary is not for commercial sale. It is available as a thank you gift for supporting the advance of Torah literacy through the Mesorah Heritage Foundation. For a contribution of $36 or more, you will receive the beautiful, hardbound sixteen-month Desk Diary. For a contribution of $18, you will receive the pocket edition of the twelve-month Heritage Personal Planner. Rabbi Nosson Scherman comments, “The insights and information in these diaries have inspired quite a few people to enroll their children in Jewish day schools.”

The Mesorah Heritage Foundation has recruited over 100 scholars in America, Europe and Israel to produce an English-language Torah literature that will endure for generations. Three major projects are currently underway: the Schottenstein Edition of the Jerusalem Talmud in English and Hebrew, the Ramban on Chumash, and the Kleinman Edition of Limud Yomi – A Daily Dose of Torah. In the foreseeable future, the Foundation plans to launch an English language elucidation of Midrash Rabbah. Anyone desiring to support the Foundation’s vital research work can contact its office at 1-718-921-9000.