Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Students Leaving to Israel for the Year?

New and returning students to Eretz Yisrael for the approaching year will welcome a set of essential ArtScroll books. With so many of ArtScroll’s volumes now available in travel and pocket size editions, students appreciate the peace of mind that comes from having everything needed before departure.

Here’s a list of suggested ArtScroll resources for your traveling son or daughter, all available in a travel friendly pocket size edition. (Note: ArtScroll recently published the popular Ner Naftali siddur which is widely used throughout Israel. Also, hardback and soft back Siddurim and Machzorim are available in nusach Sefard and Ashkenaz.)

Travel size volumes:
Stone Tanach Five Megillos Chumash with Rashi TehillimInterlinear Tehillim Complete Siddur Interlinear Siddur Women’s Siddur Ner Naftali Siddur (for Israel)MachzorimChofetz Chaim Lesson A Day Perek Shirah Pirkei Avos MishnaGemara (Travel edition)Daily Dose of Torah