Monday, November 5, 2007

New Rabbinic Festivals and Fast Days Volume from Daily Dose of Torah - Series Two!

ArtScroll is thrilled to release the Series Two Daily Dose of Torah special edition of The Rabbinic Festivals and Other Special Days. Never has so much information on the minor holidays and fasts been compiled in one volume! Thorough, well-referenced, yet brief and engaging to read, this book was produced by Rabbi Yosaif Asher Weiss and a team of Torah scholars. 

The rabbinic festivals include Chanukah, Purim, Tu b'Shvat, Lag b'Omer, Tu and b'Av. There is a section for each of the Arba' Parshiyos of Parashas Shekalim, Parashas Zachor, Parashas Parah, and Parashas HaChodesh. There is an excellent study of each of the four fasting days of Ta'anis Esther, Asara b'Teves, Sheva Asar b'Tammuz, and Tisha b'Av. You'll also find compelling content on Rosh Chodesh and Shabbos HaGadol. 

This special edition follows the same now-familiar Daily Dose of Torah formatting, with each of the Torah thoughts for the day drawn from the relevant readings of that day or the passages which reflect on them. The Mussar and Siddur selections are thematically related to the particular day(s). Likewise, the Halachah, Mishna, and Gemara portions are specific to each holiday, fast, or special day. 

This is a volume you will use throughout the years as an individual reference or for paired, family, or group learning - a definite "next addition" to your growing library of essential Torah-related texts.

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