Monday, July 14, 2008

Inside ArtScroll - For the Week of July 14, 2008

A Peek Inside The Production Room:

Avner Gold Comes To ArtScroll: Many of us grew up with the exciting historical fiction of Avner Gold, whose descriptions of European Jewish life in the middle 17th century were as riveting as they were realistic. His Ruach Ami series comprised eight volumes, beginning with The Promised Child and ending with The Marrano Prince. After a long silence, the story line of the Dominguez family, secret Jews in Catholic Spain, continues with The Long Road to Freedom: The story of the Strasbourg Sage. The first volume, due out soon, may be Avner Gold’s finest work to date.

The Mishkan: An interactive DVD of the Tabernacle: Imagine it! Only 10 years ago, it was impossible - but now, thanks to state of the art visual DVD technology, you'll soon be able to explore the Mishkan - the Tabernacle - which the Jewish Nation constructed in the Wilderness. Following the Torah's account in Terumah, Tetzaveh and Ki Sisa, this DVD shows the construction and design of Mishkan, its Keilim (vessels) and the Bigdei Kehunah (the Priestly Garments), all illustrated in advanced 3-D models and animations. You can actually manipulate them using your computer's mouse. You'll be able to virtually "walk" through the Mishkan and "see" the Mishkan complex and all of its furnishings and implements. You'll "construct" them, step-by-step and piece by piece. This one-of-a-kind DVD will animate pesukim and parshiyos that may seem obscure or abstract in their written form. Adults and children alike will be fascinated and edified by this breakthrough new DVD. Scheduled for release this fall, no home or school should be without it!

Daily Dose of Torah -- Series Two -- Cycle Begins: Join the tens of thousands who turn fleeting moments into lasting meaning through the unique learning program of the Kleinman Edition of A Daily Dose of Torah. Offering daily, concentrated insights from the weekly parashah, the Mishnah, Mussar, Gems from the Gemara, Halacha, and the Siddur, this revolutionary 18-minute-a-day program is literally changing lives. The 14-volume Series One edition has been completed and Series Two will begin in time for Parashas Bereishis. Don’t wait though – the Rabbinic Festivals and Fast Days edition of Series Two is available now.

Praying With Fire Volume Two: Everywhere you go, someone is talking about Rabbi Heshy Kleinman’s tefilah-energizing book, Praying With Fire. The long-awaited Volume Two of Praying With Fire is in final preparation for release this fall. Like the first book, Volume Two will be available in standard and pocket size editions. Volume One will be released in French in the next month.

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