Monday, June 16, 2008

Inside ArtScroll - Week of June 16 08

The conclusion of the Yad Avraham Mishnah Series draws near with the publication of Mishnah Niddah. Only a few volumes remain to complete Seder Tahoros, the final Seder in the project. The translation, elucidation, and commentary contained in the series is unparalleled.  The completed Sedarim of ZeraimMoedNezikinNashim, and Kodashim are all available now in both the full-size and the new pocket-size, boxed sets of Mishnayos. And right now – during the June 20% off sale – is the perfect time to update your Mishnah library with this and other volumes.

Artscroll’s phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidated commentary on Ramban’s Deuteronomy/Devarim will soon be at your local Judaica store. This year, as you study this 900-page volume, you’ll have English language access to one of the greatest of all Torah commentators. Many Torah scholars have urged, after Rashi, that Torah students acquire mastery of the Ramban’s work on the Chumash. In addition to his commentary on the text, Ramban is filled with seminal presentations of fundamentals of our faith. After Rashi, Ramban is the primary commentary on Chumash. This elucidation presents it with unprecedented clarity. 

The Ramban on Genesis/Bereishis and Exodus/Shemos  have been completed while Leviticus/Vayikra and Numbers/Bamidbar are due for publication in the coming year. 

The Editor’s View is an eye-opening look at our life, our beliefs, and ourselves as reflected through the eyes of Rabbi Pinchos Lipshutz, editor of the very popular Yated Neeman weekly.Comprising a collection of more than fifty incisive and illuminating essays, this book probes current events, history, and our everyday lives to help us understand the story behind the story – and the important lessons within the story. A student of many leading Torah giants and an original thinker,Rabbi Lipshutz’s perspective on contemporary issues combines the Torah wisdom of his mentors with cogent analysis.  It’s all here in The Editor’s View.

Miracle Ride Soars – The first printing of author Tzipi Caton’s brand new book, describing her remarkable recovery from Hodgkin’s disease, has sold out. A second printing is on the way.  A gifted young writer, Tzipi Caton’s story is at times heartbreaking, at times heartwarming, and often unexpectedly humorous.  It’s a real-life story that reads with the force of a drama and culminates in a surprising, almost fairy-tale ending.  Incidentally, Tzipi’s friends and family have begun a fund to provide copies of this encouraging book to individuals, particularly youth, who are grappling with serious illnesses. 

Featuring stories that make a lifetime impression, Why Weren’t You Zisha & Other Stories isTanya Michal’s beautifully illustrated new book of Chassidic stories for children.