Monday, June 23, 2008

Inside ArtScroll - Week of June 23 08

Fuel For Your Mobile Beis Midrash!

Just in time for your summer travels, ArtScroll is releasing four 4-CD audio sets featuring Rabbi Yissocher Frand 's very clear insights on the Halachos of Shabbos. Rabbi Frand is one of the Torah world's best known speakers and writers. Thousands hear and read his divrei Torah on the Parashah weekly. He is also a prominent rosh yeshiva and an outstanding presenter of halachic analysis.

Set One: Mitzvos - Always Wondering About That?

1. Standing Up While Doing Mitzvos

2. Getting Paid for Mitzvos

3. The Bracha on a Mitzvah: When?

4. Distractions When Performing A Mitzvah

Set Two: Shabbos - Is It Mutar? Vol 2

1. Dishwasher on Shabbos

2. A Manicure on Shabbos?

3. Birthday Cakes on Shabbos

4. Hairbrushes on Shabbos - Permitted or Not?

Set Three: Davening Etiquette

1. Singing During Davening: Pro or Con

2. Standing During Davening

3. Proper Attire for Davening

4. Davening Out Loud?

Set Four: Fathers & Sons

1. My Father's Chumros

2. Can A Father Be Mochel?

3. Can You Sue Your Father?

4. Father or Grandfather: Who Do You Honor?

Rabbi Frand has produced scores of practical, topical audio lectures in his Commuter Chavrusa series, available at your local Hebrew bookseller or through

ArtScroll also offers 17 different sets of shiurim on CD by Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, including his very popular Pathways through the Prophets series, which include fascinating discussions of historical and contemporary issues. Over 1000 people attend his weekly lectures in person, and hundreds more watch them via closed circuit tv in other cities.

Another brilliant audio series is The Maggid Speaks, featuring Rabbi Paysach Krohn's inspiring and popular public lectures.

Torah learners who are MP3-enabled can stay current with Rabbi Saul Rosenberg's lessons on Rashi's Commentary on Chumash. Bereishis/Genesis, Shemos/Exodus, and Vayikra/Leviticus are currently available.

Many ArtScroll Audio shiurim are available on cassettes, as well. Check with your local Hebrew bookseller or consult the latest ArtScroll catalogue for a complete description of tape inventory.

A Summer Reading Recommendation! Libby Lazewnik's latest novel Fortune Seekers is climbing the charts. Set in the remote town of Lakewood NM, this popular novelist has woven a forceful plot line as intricate as it is intriguing. Best of all is her great ability to develop the character of her protagonists.

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