Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Just in Time for the Year of Shemittah

Next year in Israel is a Shemittah year, wherein according to biblical law, the land is to lie fallow every seventh year. There are many important aspects of halachah (Jewish law) which apply to this practice. Because of its timely relevance, ArtScroll's editors of the Jerusalem Talmud gave priority to completing Yerushalmi Mesechta Shevi’is, which is the primary source for the laws of Shemittah. since there is no gemara on Shevi’is in the Talmud Bavli. So far Mesechta Shevi’is complete in two volumes in English. Volume 1 in Hebrew has been published and volume 2 will be released in August. Already numerous groups have undertaken study of the mesechta, here and in Israel. Rabbis and laymen now have access to a clear and authoritative resource for studying the Talmudic basis for Hilchos Shevi’is, which was previously available only to accomplished talmidei chachamim. ArtScroll has also published the Ryzman Hebrew Edition of Mishna Shevi'is, which is available in full and pocket size.

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